About lectures

Lectures Professor’s nameAllocated time (in units of 50'
+ 10 minutes questions)
AcceleratorsNicolas Delerue3 hours
Standard Model, Beyond SM & Heavy FlavoursYuval Grossman6 hours
Precision tests of Standard ModelStéphane Monteil4 hours
InstrumentationMaxim Titov/Alexandre Zabi5 hours
Neutrino physicsMathieu Bongrand3 hours
Cosmology & Planck resultsPierre Astier3 hours
StatisticsJonas Rademacker3 hours
Practical Work on data analysisSlava Sharyy/Vava Gligorov4 hours
LHC Session: Higgs & what else ?Organized by Florian Beaudette4 hours
Other projects: LHC and what else ?Organized by Maxym Titov2 hours