About seminars

The topical seminars are similar to "traditional" seminars presented at our research laboratories.
They will present state of the art subjects to the students in a pedagogical way.
List of proposed seminarsProfessor’s name
Nuclear Burning Wave Reactor: Prometheus of the 3rd milleniumS. P. Fomin (Kharkov)Seminar 1
Methods of cooling beams of charged particlesR. Kholodov (Sumy)Seminar 2
Electromagnetic processes at high energies in matterN. F. Shul”ga (Kharkov)Seminar 3
Nuclear substance under extreme external conditionsA. Isaev (Kharkov)Seminar 4
Physics with antiprotons at FAIREgle Tomasi-Gustaffson (IRFU/IPNO)Seminar 5
The Higgs boson decays to gamma gamma and gamma Z, and test of CP
and CPT symmetries
A. Yu. Korchin (Kharkov)Seminar 6