PSPA: Design your Accelerator!

PSPA is a web-based platform to design accelerators and simulate beam physics

PSPA aims at optimizing the work of accelerator designers by factoring once and for all the time-consuming and error prone process of translating data formats between the various codes involved in the modelling of a machine, controlling the repeated execution of these models by easily varying some parameter and managing the associated data and finally provide a convenient mean for testing different physical models of a given part of a machine (a truly innovative feature).

With PSPA you will be able to:

  • describe parts of, or a whole, accelerator using a construction kit and a collection of elementary components such as magnets, accelerating cavities, and so on ;
  • import an existing machine (lattice) in several standard formats;
  • assign a modeling program to each component or group of components, to be chosen from a range of standard codes available;
  • change setting parameters;
  • run a simulation of the machine;
  • simulate several beam physics processes;
  • look, plot, save results for further use;
  • export results and files on user area;
  • simulate the same device/lattice with different codes for modeling and comparison.

To be noted: PSPA is NOT a simple “translator” from code to code, but a real accelerator design tool