Who are we

The PSPA project was born at the Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire of the IN2P3 (CNRS), in the IDEX Paris-Saclay University campus.

Several accelerator physicists, engineers and computer science experts joined forces to develop a platform suitable to help in designing accelerators with the aim to be able to simulate each part of complex accelerators with the proper accelerator code chosen between the most used in the accelerator community.
The support and help from accelerator designers worldwide was essential in order to develop, debug and expand the platform.

PSPA Team active members:
Francois Touze, IN2P3-LAL (France)
Antoine Perus, IN2P3-LAL (France)
Marc Nicolas, IN2P3-LAL (France)
Marica Biagini, INFN-LNF (Italy)

PSPA Team consultants:
Hayg Guler, IN2P3-LAL (France)
Guy Le Meur, IN2P3-LAL (France)
Christian Helft, IN2P3-LAL (France)
Alessandro Variola, INFN-LNF (Italy)