List of programs

There are 9 applications which are detailed below.

You may download (it is free), either separatedly or all applications at the same time (it does not take more place on your hard disk), the choice of application being then made at the level of execution.

Link to the overall downloading (list):

These are the single applications that you may download (it’s free), one application for each subject of physics:

Optical devices : Michelson- Morley interferometer , Fabry-Perot devices, Young-slits, and also devices of geometrical optics: diopters , lenses, microscope, Galileo telescope, or the eye.

Link to a more precise description and also downloading of the executable: 


gas in two dimensions , in order to illustrate the kinetic theory of gases ,

Link: Two dimension gas

kinetic momenta and symmetries P,C, and G.

Link:  Kinetic momenta and Symmetries.

chain of atoms and propagation

phenomena in one dimension decomposition into stationary waves, etc …

Link:   chain of atomes or springs

electrical balance of parallel cylindrical conductors ,

Link: Electric equilibrium of conductors

wire chambers (Charpak chambers), charged particles  detectors .

Link:  Wire chambers of Charpak.

electric and magnetic dipoles, and dielectrics and ferromagnetic materials in an external field.

Link: Dipoles, susceptibility

physics of particles: quarks , described in a naive model, only to show what it consists of.

Link:   A naive quark model

Studies of wave packets, of tunnel effect and of stationary states of  potential wells (quantum mechanics):

Link:                   wave packet, tunnel effect, potential wells


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Benoît Delcourt

Ex-professeur d'Université à Paris XI, centre d'Orsay. Spécialité de recherche: la physique expérimentale des particules élémentaires. Après une thèse sur la photoproduction du méson éta, j'ai participé aux expériences sur les anneaux de collision ACO et DCI, puis sur une expérience d'annihilation p-pbar au CERN, enfin à l'epérience H1 à Hambourg. Je tiens à rendre hommage à mes maîtres, aujourd'hui disparus: Jean Pérez-Y-Jorba et Jean-Claude Bizot.