Two dimensional gas.

A two-dimensional gas with a maximum of 2000 circular molecules is proposed , in order to illustrate the kinetic theory of gases . The physical properties are the same as for three-dimensional: laws of Mariotte , entropy, Maxwell distribution , local particle densities from Poisson law, law of Dulong and Petit , etc. …. A « spin » can be attributed to the particles. The interaction between particles is the default billiard balls , but you can choose to have no interaction at all, or to have a harmonic interaction of limited range. Thus we can verify the importance of the nature of interactions such as the particle diameter or density , on the properties of gas , pressure, entropy …. Two neighboring gas may be selected for comparison . The envelop of the gas can be either inert (reflection without energy loss) or not , which allows you to check the laws of entropy change . Composite particles can be generated from elementary particles. A piston may also be moved between two gases .

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Benoît Delcourt

Ex-professeur d'Université à Paris XI, centre d'Orsay. Spécialité de recherche: la physique expérimentale des particules élémentaires. Après une thèse sur la photoproduction du méson éta, j'ai participé aux expériences sur les anneaux de collision ACO et DCI, puis sur une expérience d'annihilation p-pbar au CERN, enfin à l'epérience H1 à Hambourg. Je tiens à rendre hommage à mes maîtres, aujourd'hui disparus: Jean Pérez-Y-Jorba et Jean-Claude Bizot.