Two dimensional gas.

A two-dimensional gas with a maximum of 2000 circular molecules is proposed , in order to illustrate the kinetic theory of gases . The physical properties are the same as for three-dimensional: laws of Mariotte , entropy, Maxwell distribution , local particle densities from Poisson law, law of Dulong and Petit , etc. …. A « spin » can be attributed to the particles. The interaction between particles is the default billiard balls , but you can choose to have no interaction at all, or to have a harmonic interaction of limited range. Thus we can verify the importance of the nature of interactions such as the particle diameter or density , on the properties of gas , pressure, entropy …. Two neighboring gas may be selected for comparison . The envelop of the gas can be either inert (reflection without energy loss) or not , which allows you to check the laws of entropy change . Composite particles can be generated from elementary particles. A piston may also be moved between two gases .