Session 1 : Enoncé

Code for download: session1_start.tar.gz


  • Geant4 is already installed on the machines in the directory /usr/local. We will first call the Geant4 script to define the environment needed to build & run Geant4 application:
    cd /usr/local/bin
  • Build & run the example:
    • Download the example source code session1_start.tar.gz. (The file will be saved as session1_start.tar in $HOME/Downloads directory.)
    • Untar the file:
      tar xvf session1_start.tar
    • Rename the example as exampleED:
      mv session1_start exampleED
    • Follow the instruction at
      Geant4 Web site  to build and run the example.
  • Get familiar with the provided code
  • Learn QT GUI

Exercise ++:

The exercises marked as ++ are optional; they are recommended for participants who have already some experience with Geant4 and get some time left for practicing more than the basic exercise proposed above.

  • Separate material and volume definition in private functions of detector construction class. Note that in the function for volume definition you will need to access the materials defined in the other function.