Ecole Geant4 de l’IN2P3 et PHENIICS 

The tutorial web site has been moved, for session 2022 follow this link:  



Ivana Hrivnacova  (IJCLab Orsay) (responsible),
Igor Semeniouk (LLR, Ecole Polytechnique),
Marc Verderi  (LLR, Ecole Polytechnique)


The tutorial will alternate lectures with exercises for development of a user application. The goal is to learn step by step using the Geant4 toolkit and developing of a Geant4 application. The following topics will be covered:

  • Definition of geometry and materials
  • Definition the primary particles sources
  • Definition of physical processes and selection of a physics list
  • User interfaces, macros, visualization
  • Accounting physical quantities (« scoring »), analysis
  • Multithreading
  • Biasing

Required skills

Basic level of C++ programming language is required :

  • basic/syntax: if statements, loop constructs functions, pointers, references, passing function arguments
  • classes: class definition and implementation, class data members and member functions/methods, static data members, member functions/methods, base class and derived class, pure virtual function/method
  • standard template library: iostream, vector

For those who need a revision see more here.

Ivana Hrivnacova, IPN Orsay
E-mail: ivana@ipno.in2p3.fr