Session 4 : Enoncé

Code for download: session4_start.tar.gz


    • Explore processes defined for proton, e-, e+, gamma particles via UI commands and add these commands in run.mac.
    • Add a a command line option to select any Geant4 physics list using G4PhysListFactory class.
      • Check availability of the physics list via
        G4bool IsReferencePhysList(const G4String& physListName);
    • Set particles production thresholds (cuts) via Geant4 command in run.mac.
      • Use Help in Qt session to find out needed commands.
      • See setCut* commands in /run directory.
    • Define a region in EM calorimeter with production thresholds different from the default ones. 

Solution: session4_solution.tar.gz

Exercise ++:

The exercises marked as ++ are optional; they are recommended for participants who have already some experience with Geant4 and get some time left for practicing more than the basic exercise proposed above.

  • There is no complementary exercise for this session.