Session 4 : Exercise – 2015

Code for download: session4_start.tar.gz

Exercise 4a:

  • Explore processes defined for proton, e-, e+, gamma particles via UI commands and add these commands in run.mac.
  • Add a command line option to select any Geant4 physics list using G4PhysListFactory class. The command line options were already added in the main() function. See the documentation for the basic example B4 , where use of a similar code is described in the section « How to run ».
    • Check availability of the physics list via
      G4bool IsReferencePhysList(const G4String& physListName);

Exercise 4b:

  • Set particles production thresholds (cuts) via Geant4 command in run.mac.
    • Use Help in Qt session to find out needed commands.
    • See setCut* commands in /run directory.
  • Define a region in EM calorimeter with production thresholds different from the default ones. 

Solution: session4_solution.tar.gz